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Become an Online Freelance Writer (Acquired From


A Freelance Writer is a writer or who works for themselves and sells their services to different employers without a long-term contract with any of them. As a freelance writer you can set your own rates and only take on jobs that you want to do and when you want to do them.


Writing as a freelancer is a great way to start earning online as it is almost a zero cost startup (aside from a laptop, an internet connection and your time).


Freelance writing does take a little time to build up a clientele and a portfolio of work and testimonials which you can then show new clients.


There are several different freelance writing related jobs you can do such as article writing, ebook writing, copy writing. If you are into graphic design there is a also a whole host of jobs you can do as a freelance graphic designer, but that is for another article.


The easiest form of freelance writing is article writing – which is basically providing web content for webmasters keen to fill their own website, or for articles effectively promoting their website. This is where most freelance writers start and the only things you need are a firm grasp on the relevant language , text editing software (such as Word), the personal ability to meet deadlines, and if necessary the ability to carry out research for the articles you are writing.


How Freelance Article Writing Works


Website/blog/membership site owners need content! New content is what makes the internet go around.


Articles posted to blogs keep search engine rankings high. Articles posted to article directories create backlinks and increased traffic. Articles used for membership sites/newsletters need to be delivered to keep the members happy.


There is so much demand for so much content that the busy website owner just doesn’t have time to write all their own articles.


That’s where you can step in as a “ghostwriter” and write their content for them and get paid for it!


Where To Find Freelance Article Writing Jobs


The best places to start are online freelance job boards. Go to sites like, or and you’ll quickly learn how the system works.


These are places where website owners go to find outsource “freelance” staff to help them with their online business.


When they need a job done, they will post their job description on the board and then you, the freelancer, will reply/apply to the request with your quote on how much you are willing to complete the job for.


There will be other freelance writers replying/applying to the same job with their quote so it can be a battle of the finest (best value) to see who gets the job.


Ultimately, it’s the poster who chooses who they will hire to write for them so you need to make sure you offer good value. Often, the lowest bidder for a job does not always mean they will get it. Website owners want quality articles.


You’ll notice that other freelancers will provide sample articles to show off their skills. You must do the same.


Even if your price to do the job is higher than others, if you can show that you can write better articles, or have better knowledge about the subject, then you chances for landing that job increase.


Another way to find article writing jobs is to go to webmaster/internet marketing forums such as and and


These forums are loaded with internet business owners who need articles written. You can offer your services on these websites. In most cases, you’ll need to pay to post your ad but it’s a quick way to get clients.


Package deals often sell well with posting an ad in a forum. For example, you could offer 10 x 250 word articles for $20 or 10 x 500 word articles for $35.


Any combination of offer and price is up to you. Check out what others are offering to get a feel for the pricing.


Remember to provide sample work and any positive feedback you have had from prior customers. If you are new, just be honest and tell them you are just starting. You may want to provide some free articles to get those testimonials first!



  • Free and fast start up – If you have an email account you can get work almost immediately
  • No running costs – There is no expensive software or memberships to pay for to run your freelance writing business. All you need is any text editing and document creating program like Word which is on almost all Windows PC’s.
  • No website required – You don’t need to have a website or know anything about one. A website will help to improve your credibility and is a good idea to have one in the long run but not essential at first.
  • Set your own hours – Work little or as much as you want.
  • No Contracts – Be your own boss. You take on as much or as little work as you want without being tied down to one job. You can take on several different jobs at once also.
  • Choose your work- You can choose the writing jobs that suit you best.
  • Work from home – All you need is your computer, text program (Word) and internet connection.


  • Typing speed – You get paid on a per article basis so it means the faster you type, the quicker you can get work done and your pay rate will turn out to be reasonable. If you type very slowly (like me) then you will find it a low paying job.
  • Expert Knowledge – If you get a job that requires articles on a topic you know nothing about or have little interest in, it will be hard to write about.
  • Writers block – Often your employer (person who requests the articles) will give you the topics they want articles about so you at least have an idea. But for longer articles, 400-500 words, you might have a hard time coming up with the number.
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If you need to research for more information about a topic you want to write articles about, you can search for it using any search engine. Be specific in your search and you will find specific results.


When researching information online, a MUST website to use is It’s the encyclopedia on the internet. Also try and to find more info about all types of topics.


For extra help, you can even search article directories such as Get information and ideas on article structure and flow.


Wherever you find info for research, never ever copy it word for word. That is illegal as it infringes on the copyright. However, it’s not illegal to re-write articles using your own words, but make sure that the article you produce is 100% different from the source – which should be used for research purposes only.

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The Requirement to fail

Caleb Woodman, Rampart High School


The world has many faults, but the greatest is the essay. Some time ago, I considered the worst thing in the world to be the short constructed response. Now the glaring truth is fully evident. The essay is a writing format, usually with a time limit attached, that teachers are forced to assign to students, who in turn are forced to do them. An of this type has three major problems attached; A time limit, a controlled prompt, and specific things that must be mentioned.This is not how you get creativity or even an honest answer. The possibilities are endless only for those whose limits aren’t.


First, let us take a look at the accursed time limit. This thing is required so that children can’t postpone to the end of time as we know it, or work our entire lives on the same useless drivel. However, putting a limit on a child is akin to putting a low budget on a world-changing project. Yes, the results are still legitimate, though rushed, but there is still a limit on the creativity and ability, and that means one cannot work up to one’s total potential. Instead, I propose that we have a chance at our work in a business fashion. We should have time to examine facts, draft, redraft, edit, etcetera. We should not have to experience that stressing feeling of rush that comes with a time limit on things. Instead, we should work like we do in a real-life situation, with a deadline not so imminent that we cannot even work properly. Note that I do not propose longer time per se, I propose that we as students are given flexible time and above all, no requirement to do everything simultaneously. Let them breathe between paragraphs for their own sake and yours as someone required to measure achievement!


A controlled prompt has long been considered by students and their mentors alike a necessary evil, but some disagree. Yes, it is indeed evil, but in no way or means is it truly a necessity. A controlled prompt is a further barrier, even worse than a limit on time, because you are not only controlling how long your students have to prove their ability to learn and create, you are prohibiting creativity to an amazing degree! I could write about billions of things, from personal experiences to scientific studies to things that are pleasing in life. With a limit on what I can produce, there is a limit on what I can prove. Say, for example’s sake, that you have a child who knows more than any child about physics. Now say that he doesn’t know very much about waterfowl. If you tell him to tell you about waterfowl, no matter how much he knows about anything else or how creative he is in any field, the failing score on his test will prove to the teacher, principal, superintendent, and to the board of education that this boy is not capable of writing skills or formulating good ideas. Say another child hates anatomy, but loves geometry. Her mind is oriented in a way that makes her “care”, as it were, for anatomy and therefore her scope of thinking in that subject far lower than for geometry, which she is “open” to. Test her on anatomy and coming up with ideas and having a broad scope of ideas and facts in that area, and you will find that she is a terrible writer. At least that is what it is in our current setup in our educational system.


The third topic of interest here is ‘what must be mentioned’. For example, for the prompt I am writing for, (meta writing,) I am required to give three examples for why I think the world would be a better place  with my idea in effect, changing the way we write. Then I must have specific details, and include certain things in my writing. Granted, having these things is not a “big deal”, but it is still a pain in the neck. If you have to mention certain things, you can’t mention the things that prove you a good writer or things that you feel need to be stated. Therefore the only children who can actually prove they aren’t little mindless controlled creatures bound with a thousand requirements to the face of bad education are those who make rebellious essays, and insult or criticize the system that binds them. Teachers find such things amusing, but now there is psychological work to be done and questions to be asked. If you let the students choose their own details, you let them choose how they learn. It is a proven fact that people who are given freedom are the smartest and the most able of the lot.

The time limit, the prescribed topic, and the necessary detail. Three things that I find abhorrent in our culture. We so often speak of being Americans, with free will and personalized education. How lucky we are! And yet we are limited in our education with things like prompts. I write this very paragraph with the knowledge that it must be mostly commentary, with no new facts, and cannot include certain over-cliched phrases, as well as having some required ones. If this is how we write, how do we prove that we are actually capable writers? One does not tell your everyday writer to write a novel about a certain thing, within a certain time, including a certain detail or five. We cannot adequately prove our ability to be worthwhile in this world if we couldn’t care less about the subject matter, can’t work within the limits, can’t include these things that we need to prove we know. Education itself is perverted in this matter by a flurry of limits that one can’t dig out of with a shovel. Remove these, let us work at our own pace, on our own ideas, with our own details. Freedom for the smart makes them the wise.

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Hi There,

I hope you all are doing great,

This article is very helpful for the freelance engineers and being a freelance engineer I can understand how difficult it is to find the right job. 

But now I found freelance jobs easily here: 

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