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Interval training is a great way to lose fat quickly. You can modify your normal workout to fit this concept. Simply increase the intensity of your exercise for approximately one minute, and take the following two minutes at a normal pace. Continue this for at least half of your workout. During the intense intervals, push yourself as far as you comfortably can. It’s best to use bigger muscles for interval training, because they have larger stores of energy that will need replacing. More fat will be burned to replace that energy.
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Research has shown that giving up sugary drinks often leads to weight loss. If you're a big soda drinker try switching to water. You could shave off some pounds within a month. Add lime, lemon, orange or pineapple to flavor your drinks. Try to avoid artificial sweeteners as they contain toxins which can be harmful to the body.
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If you're living in (or work in) a tall building and you're too busy to go to the gym you can get a quick workout by skipping the elevator and climbing the stairs instead. You can always get off the elevator halfway up or so and walk from there if it's too far.
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