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Surfing ideas

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Shark Alert Surfboard

Something to do while waiting for waves.

I don't surf but I think if I did I'd probably wonder what was swimming below me every now then. The Shark Alert Surfboard would answer that question. It would have a new kind of fish finder embedded in it near the front, with the screen being flush with the board's surface. It would be programmable using a remote controller so no dials or buttons would be needed. Unlike other fish finders this one would have a size selection feature. You could set if for anything from 1 to 100 feet. Once set the fish finder would display a blank screen until it found something that was the same size or bigger than your setting. At that point it would show you the fish, flashing bright red to catch your attention. Depending on how big it was and what you thought it might be you could either just stop dangling your arms and legs in the
water, or paddle like hell for shore.
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