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Skiing ideas

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Uphill Skiing... There are a couple of different ways to get up a ski slope now, the rope pulley, chairlift, and cable car method to name a few. This suggestion is for a new method that only experienced skiers could use. A section of the slope beside the chairlifts would be set aside for this purpose. At the bottom of the hill a skier would grab a handle attached to the same kind of line water skiers use. This one would be slightly different though - it would have a throttle. When the skier turned it an engine at the top of the mountain would start pulling him up. He could keep increasing the speed until he was going as fast as he wanted. If he fell the throttle would be released, stopping the engine so he could get back up on his feet, grab the handle, and continue on up. There would have to be several ropes/engines at the top of the hill to make this worthwhile, which would be costly, so anyone who wanted to use these ropes would have to pay an extra charge. There'd probably be enough takers to make it pay off though, especially when the lines at the lifts were real long.

The handles would be sent back down on a pulley specifically designed for this purpose. One side of the handle would have a ring on it and the underside of the pulley would have hooks with their open end facing uphill. The handle ring would be put on a hook, the pulley would take it downhill, the open end of the hook would turn downward as the pulley started going around the wheel at the bottom, and the handle would fall off.  There are probably simpler ways of getting the handles back down but that's the quickest way I could come up with.
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Wheelchair Ski Lift


Instead of buying elaborate wheelchairs that can walk up the staircase on their own, or trying to install a lift in a stairway that's too narrow to contain both the lift and the chair, why don't we just modify a garage door opener and install it in the ceiling above the staircase? Here are the basic elements we'd need for the invention of such a lift:


1. A double track running down the center of the stairwell ceiling.
2. A lifting device built into the track.
3. A set of straps that could be raised and lowered using a remote control.
4. Bars on each side of the chair that could be flipped up and down as needed.


When someone wanted to used the lift they would just flip up the bars on the side of their chair, lower the straps with the remote, hook them into rings on the end of each bar, and push another button on the remote to raise the chair about a foot up off of the ground.  A simple toggle on the remote would be used to move the lift up or down the stairs. If stairways were equipped with something like this then they'd be no need for expensive climbing wheelchairs or rails sticking out along the steps to trip us up.

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