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There are still lots of people suffering from depression, even young children. Schools should offer seminars for young people to give them practical advice on coping with it. That would be a help to them the rest of their lives!
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High school guidance counselors should team up student aids with some freshmen to help them make friends, get adjusted, get involved in activities, etc.
Shared by loseyourmarbles (520 points)
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Electronic gadgets are normally thrown away when they have simple electrical problems. Basic electronics should be taught as a mandatory course in schools. That way more people can fix them instead of tossing them.
Shared by John Manning (660 points)
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There are often reports of child abuse of school children by teachers (sometimes it's fatal!). There's an urgent need for an NGO to start a SPCC (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children), along the same lines as the SPCA.
Shared by PVVS2003 (140 points)
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Judge schools by how interested the kids are in each subject, not through the standardized tests. They'll want to learn more when they're interested in the subject. A fish never gets hooked if it never bites.
Shared by RCates216 (140 points)
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Allow high school students with perfect attendance their whole HS career to take one week off during their senior year.
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Why not allow kids to create their own clubs at school?
Shared by thinkagain (7,340 points)

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