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Kitchen ideas

Requested in Home & Garden by loseyourmarbles (520 points)
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Reduce bad odors in the refrigerator by putting a piece of cut lemon inside. Keeps it smelling fresh.
Shared by shomachaturvedi (160 points)

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Appliances like toaster ovens should be made with a replaceable wire in them. When the temperature got extremely high it would melt to cut the power (it'd basically be like a fuse). That way oven fires would be prevented before they started getting out of hand.
Shared by loseyourmarbles (520 points)
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Kitchens are typically the most challenging rooms to wallpaper. Many designers feel that with everything included as part of a typical kitchen, wallpaper patterns create a cluttered look. While this is sometimes true, it can be a bold and complementary addition to your eating space if used correctly.

Consider using wallpaper on just one wall in your kitchen. This should be the side with the most open space - not one mostly covered with appliances and shelves. Choose a pattern with one or more colors that are used elsewhere in the room. You may be surprised at how effective this approach is in tying it all together into a cohesively-planned space.
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You can use various method to enhance the look of the kitchen one of them is creating a modular kitchen which includes cabinets, chimneys wall cabinet etc. to add an extra look to your kitchen. You can even use beautiful set of dinnerware, which you can buy it from The LA Table that has various accessories for kitchen like dinner set, table accessories, cutleries etc.

Shared by RudolphRomero (140 points)
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A fireproof cloth (made of thick vinyl or something similar) that would be suspended over the kitchen stove (about 3 ft by 3 ft) on the wall. It would drop down to smother any stove fires. Could be made to blend in with the rest of the room and be decorative until needed.
Shared by jmdancers (200 points)
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You can get burnt-on food off your skillet easily if you add water that covers the bottom of the pan and add just a little dish soap. Then boil it on the stove...
Shared by geoiss2001 (600 points)
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Try using white vinegar in the rinse compartment of the dishwasher. So much cheaper than standard rinses and the dishes would be so clean after washing they'd actually squeak.
Shared by geoiss2001 (600 points)
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If you're worried about pets eating the poison for insects like cockroaches try some boric powder in the kitchen (especially the corners). It's less toxic.
Shared by geoiss2001 (600 points)
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A kitchen rack holding kitchenware and knives in place so when there's an earthquake or you're driving (if you're in an RV) they don't move.
Shared by NGF3548 (140 points)
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If the legs of the chairs in your kitchen are damaging the floor or hard to slide just use bottle caps or felt disks under them and you won't have any problem.
Shared by jasfromathol (140 points)
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