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Every year we have the Cowboys and Lions playing on Thanksgiving no matter how bad they are. Somewhat like baseball incentivizes each league to win the All-Star Game in order to get home-field advantage in the World Series, I think the NFL should have at least 3 teams earn the right to play Thanksgiving the following season by having the best records in the league. At the least, require Dallas and Detroit to finish over .500 in order to earn the right to play on Thanksgiving the next year.

One of these days we'll be able to choose on our televisions which games we want to watch (multiple games could be scheduled simultaneously that day). But until then make teams earn the chance to play on the special day so it means something.
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Mixed Martial Arts Rugby

A rougher game of football.

This would combine the basic rules of rugby with the more primitive rules of mixed martial arts tournaments. Basically the teams would be able to kick the crap out of each other on their way towards scoring a goal. It wouldn't be a game lacking any element of strategy though. For instance, each team would have to decide whether to keep all of their players concentrating on moving the ball or give some of them the task of trying to put opposing players into submission holds (which would remove those who submitted from the field and give the team who won the submission a numbers advantage).
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They should have a selection on your TV for an alternate set of rogue commentators from off the internet or something. The dudes would be like omg that head coach has got his head up his ass! Calling that play again after they snuffed it out last time? Get a clue dude! And they'd be like look at the sick moves he put on the defender! Ooooh major ownage! That last pass was a fuckin frozen rope! Look at that boys and girls! That's how you hit your receiver right in the letters... HOLLA!!!! And then he just steamrolled the safety! And have you seen that homie's gurl? Ohhhhh fine as fuck! She's in the new swimsuit issue and I was like babe I b taking a swim in that anytime busty mama!
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