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Boat Trailers for Beginners

This device would consist of 2 10-foot long sections that could be clamped onto existing boat trailers, one on each side of the trailer. After you backed the trailer into the water, arms on the extensions would be raised (2 or 3 per extension) and then the extensions would be manually pushed back, giving you a much longer temporary trailer. Once the boat had been pulled in between the extensions and their guiding arms (at whatever angle the boater could manage), a push of a button would move hydraulic bumpers on the arms towards the boat, straightening it out. After it was firmly in place the boat could then be pulled up onto the trailer the regular way, and the extensions pulled back in after it. This would keep beginners from wasting time trying to get the boat evenly balanced on the trailer and get them out of the way of the experts quicker (and some of these experts are pretty good - I've seen them drive the boat right up onto the trailer and come within a foot or two of the winch without breaking a sweat).
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A propeller clearance indicator: This would be a modified fish finder/depth finder that would be clipped onto the engine shaft. When the engine was lowered a button sticking out from the device between the stern and engine would turn it on when lowering the engine pushed the button against the stern. Further on down the engine cowling there would be a forward-looking sensor that measured the ground clearance between the propeller and the lake bottom. An alarm would go off if you were closing in on a spot that you couldn't clear. This would have saved me a couple of hundred bucks one time turning around in a small channel. Not seeing how close I was to the bottom the engine sucked up a full load of mud and conked out. It would also have saved the bottom of another boat that hit an unmarked rock not far from the shoreline. As an added bonus the alarm would remind people that they hadn't raised their engine when they were pulling it back up onto a trailer. I don't know how many times I've seen people forget to raise the engine and have it scrape the ground when they started pulling the boat out of the water. The device would probably cost around 150/200 dollars - a fair cost to prevent damaging engines that are easily worth more than 5000 dollars.

A clearance indicator on trucks might be helpful too. It's not exactly a rare sight to see one stuck under an overpass it couldn't clear.
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Snagging Pirates

The Jellyfish Defense System

Piracy on the open ocean is a costly and ongoing problem. With multi-million dollar cargo at risk, shipping companies might find it in their best interests to equip their ships with the Jellyfish Defense System. Unlike other deterrents, most notably providing their ships with armed guards (an expensive proposition), this new system is a buy-and-forget-about-it until-you-need-it kind of product.

This defense system invention would consist of several torpedo-like tubes that would be towed alongside the ship.  They would continually monitor for the sound of propellers heading towards the ship (filtering out the ship's own propeller noise). If they heard propellers coming their way the torpedoes would detach themselves from their towline and head towards the incoming boat. Before reaching it though, the tube would split into two sections, each one veering off to the side. When the time was right they'd swing back in again, enclosing the boat in a circular net that would foul the boat's propellers if it tried to plow on through it. A warning would come from the ship right about then telling advising the boat of its predicament and suggesting it stay where it was until its identity was established. If it was a valid boarding party, the tube would retract the nets. If it wasn't, it would just keep the net around the boat while the ship sailed away.

The design could be enhanced to deal with boats that have jet drives. Jet drives require at least 3 feet of clear water beneath their intake tube. Without it the drive can get clogged and burn out.  All we need to do is add grass-like strands hanging down from the net like a jellyfish's tentacles to deter boats with this type of engine.


Pirate information

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