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13 ideas
Commented in Cooking & Food by Apm160 (100 points)
New kinds of chewing gum like healthy ones with vitamins and...
8 ideas
Shared in Cooking & Food by TakeFive (8,040 points)
Why not a scratch 'n sniff recipe cookbook where you'd scratch a...
21 ideas
Shared in Cooking & Food by a contributor
Why not a collection of food courts with cuisines and culture...
10 ideas
Shared in Travel by thinkagain (6,780 points)
WTF Our bus system doesn't take credit cards for fares. For...
1 Idea
Shared in Language & Writing by a contributor
Powerball right now in New Mexico is $800 million. What would you...
40 ideas
Shared in Arts & Entertainment by a contributor
Saw this cool ass OBEY sticker the other day of Darth Vader! Ha...
4 ideas
Shared in Sports by a contributor
They say if you hit a golf ball correctly you knock the tee out....
8 ideas
Shared in Business by a contributor
I'm sure they have laundrobars - combo laundromats and bars - but...
14 ideas
Shared in Shopping by thinkagain (6,780 points)
Stealth shoes... Shoes that don't make any noise regardless of...
13 ideas
Shared in Cooking & Food by thinkagain (6,780 points)
Uh duh, BK is so much cooler. Burger King is so lame and long....
36 ideas
Shared in Travel by a contributor
10 ideas
Shared in Science & Technology by Dreamer (7,020 points)
WTF Unfrigginbelievable! On a ZTE smartphone Facebook doesn't work...
13 ideas
Shared in Arts & Entertainment by a contributor
Redbox should also rent out portable DVD player/viewers, those...
11 ideas
Shared in Education by a contributor
Why not have youth elections at schools at the same time as the...
21 ideas
Shared in Shopping by Dreamer (7,020 points)
This hot bitch had this cool t the other day... TGIF - Thank God...
1 Idea
Shared in Business by Dreamer (7,020 points)
WTF No cake at McDonald's?
39 ideas
Shared in Science & Technology by a contributor
A proximity alarm that goes off when you lose your phone and it's...
1 Idea
Shared in Society & Politics by Dreamer (7,020 points)
Between being really sick with the flu lately and it being cold...
10 ideas
Shared in Society & Politics by a contributor
How about a freakin shelter that isn't closed on Sunday, throwing...
3 ideas
Shared in Home & Garden by thinkagain (6,780 points)
Put pet toys in the dog food bag or pet bowl/pet food container...
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